Hamlet at the Helix

This April, students in Ms Egan’s, Ms Donlon’s and some from Mr Branigan’s classes attended The Second Age Theatre Company’s comtemporary production of Hamlet. Directed by Aoife Spillane Hinks, the performance successfully captured one of the greatest tragedies of all time, a story of intrigue, treachery and tragedy.

Conor O’Rourke from fifth year gives his thoughts on the performance.

I enjoyed the production of Hamlet. It was interesting to see the play as it would have been performed when first written. The character of Hamlet was very convincing and he showed his emotions well. I thought Claudius was quite good also, but he tended to overdo the part in the second half of the play. Polonius and Laertes were both excellently portrayed, with Polonius being the stronger of the two. He was nosey and interfering just as Shakespeare created him. Gertrude was okay but she didn’t impose too much on the action. The character of Ophelia was quite poor and failed to capture the girl’s madness in later parts of the drama.

I thought the use of the stage was really ingenious and the change of scenery by moving the walls was nicely done. The setting was appropriate to the drama and it was strange to be so close to the actors. The actors themselves were quite good and in particular, Hamlet was most entertaining. The use of props such as brandy glasses and the way in which the ghost was captured, behind a thin wall, was an interesting way of dealing with such a dramatic device. I liked the way the characters were dressed in modern yet formal clothing and the modern props such as guns, road works. Even with these the play managed to keep to the story and swords were used in the final scene.
Overall I thought the play was excellently produced. The only short-coming being the length. The first section of the play seemed to drag on a bit and it was difficult to pay attention to the things that were going on but the second section was livelier and the play ended well.